March 7, 2014

Paprika for Mac v2.2.0

This release brings the Mac version up to date with the iPad and iPhone versions. Thanks for all of your patience and support!


  • Paprika Cloud Sync has been greatly improved. It will now push changes in real-time between your devices, and sends only the changes made since your last sync.
  • Fullscreen support has been added.


  • Subcategory support has been added. You can now drag-and-drop categories into and out of subcategories.
  • You can now sort any category by Top Rated or Most Recent.


  • You can now tap ingredients to cross them off as you use them, and highlight the current paragraph of your recipe directions to help keep your place.
  • To make it easier to cook multiple recipes at the same time, you can now pin active recipes to easily switch between them.
  • Timer support has been added. Timers are automatically detected in your directions, simply tap on one to start a new timer.
  • Recipe printing has been improved. You can now customize: print sizes (full page, 4x6 index cards, 3x5 index cards), print margins, font size, and disable the photo.
  • If your recipe was clipped from a website, and it has an image, you can now tap the image in order to zoom in on a larger version of it.


  • The address bar and search bar have been combined into one unified bar.
  • We have redesigned the clipboard tools to make them easier to work with. You can expand and contract them to view the recipe you are currently clipping.
  • When you import a recipe from a website, the recipe is now copied to the clipboard tools, to allow you to make adjustments before you fully save the recipe.

Grocery List

  • You can now export your grocery list to Reminders.


  • The pantry is a new subsection of the grocery list. You can record common ingredients that you already have at home: salt, sugar, flour, etc. Pantry items are automatically unchecked when you add a recipe to your grocery list.

Meal Planner

  • The meal planner has been redesigned with two new views: a monthly view and a weekly view.
  • You can now add recipes to the meal planner by dragging them in from the recipes sidebar.
  • Meals can now be copied or moved between days of the week via drag-and-drop.
  • You can now export your meal plans to iCal.


  • Menus are a new subsection of the meal planner. You can take your favorite meals and create reusable menus from them, to be saved for later use.


  • You can now import MasterCook (mz2) files, and Living Cookbook (fdx/fdxz) files.